The Right Buyer

Thursday 29 Oct 2015

There are potentially many people who will be interested in ‘buying’ a particular property.

Working on the assumption that you want to sell your property for the most amount of money then the “right buyer” is the one who is prepared to pay the most amount of money for your property.

You win when you realise who that buyer might be?

This comes from an understanding of the property, the market and the sections of the community who will be most interested in your property.

  • Our team at Quinta understand how to reach the right buyer for each property.
  • Our tailor made marketing campaigns reach the right audience.

An Example of this, was a home we recently sold in Mount Evelyn. First home buyers, couples with no children were the target. Over 70 groups inspected the property of which over 60 fitted the target demographic. Another property in Knoxfield was targeted toward a particular kind of property developer.

It was the small developer who likes easy projects to build two on a block.

Over 40 groups inspected of which over 30 were from the right demographic. Written offers were given by multiple groups

Another example:
A house in Vermont had a marketing campaign that was targeted to a specific corner of the Australian market, over 50 groups inspected the property,

This was an interesting campaign. There were a lot of inspections by people outside the target audience. However, all written offers were received from the target market. Interestingly, those that did not meet the target audience were quick to discount it. Once the right buyer is identified, it is then important the property appeals to them

The next important element of a sale campaign is about dressing the house so that it ‘looks just right’ to that buyer. Think of it in other terms.
You wear different clothes if you were going to a wedding or out with friends to dinner and a movie.

The home you live in is the ‘dinner and movies outfit’ while the house you are selling has the ‘wedding outfit’

Traditionally franchise sausage machine agents instruct their owners to de-clutter, or to hire furniture.This give the house a greater appeal.

At Quinta we investigate and dress the property so that it’s a perfect match for the ideal or right buyer

The buyer enters and falls in love. job done!

Who is the right buyer for your property?

Quinta Values

  • “we strive for Quality” – Always!
  • “we understand presentation matters”
  • “we love a great backyard for families to enjoy”
  • “we question, we listen, we act”
  • “we work with people” Respectfully!
  • “we serve – so that
  • you get the best real estate experience”