First 30 Days on the Market

Wednesday 31 Mar 2021

Click the here for a quick video from Trevor Pickens and Adi Garcia discussing the first 30 Days of a Sales campaign.


Did you know that the first 30 days is the most important period of time when selling your property?


Buyers are only buyers for a short amount of time. When a property hits the market, the highest number of people will view it in the first two weeks of the campaign and then it drops off significantly after that.


These buyers are looking at all available properties, and after this two week period, they have either made an offer on your property or another one.

If your property is still on the market after 6 weeks, then you are only capturing new buyers to the market and this will only come like a trickle.


Statistically the highest price is actually achieved in the second week of the campaign. This is because you have the most number of buyers competing for your property at this time.


There are many things that will impact on the sale of your property – presenting it correctly, pricing the property, the marketing that is used and then negotiating with prospective buyers.


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