Stuart From Knoxfield

If you need to sell your home Trevor can ,

Hey Trevor

he’s your man to sell your home

go Trevor.

But seriously Trevor is very patient, respectful and compassionate,

we did our homework and had two other agents in to

give us their spill but Trevor was the right one.

He was upfront with everything 

and did not exaggerate anything. 

He made us very comfortable as not having done this before it was all a bit daunting.

Trevor came over and advised what we needed to do to get the property ready

and was a very big help with giving his time to help which was very

appreciated and a big tick to Trevor for this.

I Could not believe what we achieved in doing this

and yes it would have made a difference to the price.

We were lucky in getting the property sold quickly

but without Trevor and his way of getting things done we would not have got the price we did,

Yes I would definitely advise others of Quinta Real Estate and Trevor PIckens.


Stuart From Knoxfield