An Open Letter

To whom it may concern: The decision to sell your home can be confronting for all involved. Children, pets, spouses – no one is unaffected and for that reason you want the process to run as smoothly as possible.

Your choice of agent is of paramount importance. This person will represent your home to the outside world and aim to get the best price possible, specified by you.

Recently we went through this process. We looked at two different agents in our area and on first contact with both we saw little difference. Both were friendly and committed to getting the best result. Costs were similar, strategic advertising almost the same.

So why did we choose Trevor Pickens? For a start, he got back to us – that day, and the next. He was ready to start immediately and he stated not once, twice or thrice, but many times that he believed he could get our asking price and above and that it would be his privilege to do so. And so we said yes.

Trevor put us in touch with host of people and places. i.e. Maintenance crew, self-storage and vouchers, conveyancers, solicitors etc. all very professional and rendering high levels of expertise.

We got caught up with his enthusiasm. He asked us to de-clutter – and we did. He suggested short-term self-storage for certain large furniture items and we concurred. He organised minimal non-structural face lifts to our home – it gained us thousands on our price.

He said: “trust me” And we did.

Hundreds of people came through our home Trevor kept in touch via email, text, phone calls and written correspondence. He came back with the result that no-one seemed to think our home was worth what we did but all he said was, …”I know how much you want, I will get it for you.”

It took him eleven days to get beyond the asking price. Our house was SOLD.

Using phrases like “the whole package” and “the raw deal” are over used and trite – but Trevor is all this and more.

After the sale he advised on a new purchase and the professionals introduced to us were again instrumental in the procurement of a new home.

We have no hesitation in recommending Trevor Pickens to become your Real Estate Agent.

From the moment you give him permission to sell it, he will shape and style your abode to entice and tantalise a future owner. You become his number one priority and he will guide you each step on the journey.

Actions and results, always speak louder than words, so why would you not choose him

Diana and John

Formerly from  Wantirna