Quinta Real Estate scores another win in realestate & property

Great to hear from you.

I really love the page that you have put together. It looks great and if I was the home owner I would be very happy if my agent put together something like that.

Actually to be really honest I love the way you value honesty and integrity in all you do. Before meeting you I had a passionate dislike of estate agents. All my previous dealing with the had been stressful and negative. Roger and I spent quite some time looking at property and dealing with agents who were only interested in selling their property, rather than listening to us and what we were looking for in a home. I was astounded by the number of either pushy or dismissive agents who were obviously in the job for all the wrong reasons.

For me, you changed all that, and I feel Roger and I were very lucky to have met you. You were the only agent who seemed genuine. I  really valued that you were patient, sincere and gave the experience such a warm personal touch.

Anyone who chooses you as their agent will be very lucky.

Keep up the great work.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm Wishes,


I was pleased to get these comments from Julie-Ann who saw our webpage advertising www.QuintaKauriCourt.com a special promotional page of a vendor property for sale.