Looking for a unique experience

I decided to move interstate in February 2016, and needed to find a tenant for my home.
As Trevor Pickens had sold me the house back in 2012,
he was the first person I contacted to help me through the
potential minefield of renting.
Trevor is incredibly calm and is great at hosing down the kinds of anxieties
that naturally erupt during the big life changes involved in buying,
selling and letting a property. Trevor explained all the fees and charges
inherent in having him and his associates managing my property, plus
he was very realistic about the kind of rental I could expect,
providing me with a detailed report on similar
properties in the area and their rental values.
My house was barely on the market a week, when Trevor
rang with the good news that there had been a number of applications,
and that one of them was prepared to offer more than the listed weekly rent.
He’d done a thorough investigation of the prospective
tenant’s references, and weighed up the pros and cons
that arose from the application, spelling them out to me in great detail.
I really enjoy Trevor’s company, and I always get the impression he is being honest with me,
which is not something I have ever been able to say about any real estate agent before
(and I have friends in the industry!)
He’s not cut from the same cloth as many of his peers, which you will recognise as soon as
you meet him.
Look, Trevor may be feeding me the same plate of pork pies that most other real estate
agents seem to be baking 24/7, but as yet I’ve not had a single reason to doubt his word.
It’s a testament to Trevor’s professionalism and unique charm, that I chose him
to rent my house, when he was the one that sold it to me. Even though the agent
is most squarely in the corner of the vendor during the sales process,
I appreciated his honesty and clarity throughout the transaction, and his
negotiations on price were very gentle, but effective.
(I can honestly say I would have dug my heels in at a much lower price
if he’d been aiming aggressively charming sales tactics at me).
I would highly recommend Trevor’s services,
especially if you are looking for a unique experience,
with a much more personal approach than those
huge agencies can ever possibly manage to provide.
If you’ve had a busy Saturday running from open house to open house,
and Trevor has been at one of them,
I guarantee you won’t mistake him for any of the other agents you meet.